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Getting to Stanley Market

If you are in a hurry but not on a budget then a taxi from anywhere in Hong Kong is the easiest way.  Every taxi driver knows the way, and the name "Stanley" in English, so there is no problem there.

The ride is a very winding road though so those who get car sick in the back of cars need to beware -- if you find buses better then bus 6, 6A, 6X , 66 or 260 from Exchange Square bus terminus in Central will take you there.  They are air-conditioned and comfortable as buses go.

An alternative way would be to take the MTR to Chai Wan station, leave the station via Exit C and catch green minibus 16M which will also take you to the Stanley market.

If you are starting in Causeway Bay then there is a more direct route via AMS Green Minibus #40.

Green mini buses are not as comfortable as a regular bus or a taxi.

Here are some more specific details on getting to Stanley Market from various parts of Hong Kong:


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