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Stalls with scarves and t-shirts

Many stalls sell similar products within the market so when you see this one for example that has a nice range of t-shirts and scarves you can make your purchase here, or wait until you have walked through the market to view the alternatives.

For these stalls which are near the entrance of the market of course you can know that you will pass them again when you leave, unless that is you go via Stanley Plaza shopping centre and take the high exit back onto the Carmel Road directly from the Plaza.  There are bus stops there where you can take the Bus 6 and a lot more besides.







While often visited for the view the visitor should not forget that The Market encompasses a wide range of shopping and dining options, from the casual to the sophisticated.  Within the Stanley area are examples of many of Hong Kong's most authentic and distinctive styles, as well as international choices to fit all palates and budgets.


  • Stanley Market
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