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Other websites about Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most high-tech of all modern cities and so has been on the cutting edge of websites right from the beginning of the world wide web.  The Hong Kong Government started its web presence in 1996 while the Tourist Board started to promoted HK as an important travel destination in 2001, the same year that Google opened their Hong Kong search engine.

Today the biggest Hong Kong websites include discuss.comhk, and, an important local news service owned by a magazine company.  The is a very popular local Chinese language discussion site, while is named for the telephone country code and is an online only news site.

Here are some of the major sites which visitors to Stanley Market may wish to check before visiting -- The official tourist site for Hong Kong -- Restaurant reviews of all eating places in Hong Kong -- Facts and traditions of Hong Kong from a local -- If you want to do business with or in Hong Kong, this is the official place -- Learn more about Hong Kong by reading the local newspaper, in English

Guides to Hong Kong Travel can be found in many great blogs. If you take a look at this Hong Kong itinerary by Annemarie of you'll find suggestions for lots of Hong Kong destinations, including of course Stanley!

It is also possible to go to Stanley on a boat trip from Central, that's what Dev did when he visited Hong Kong for three days.  Read his 3 day Hong Kong itinerary blog post to learn how he did it.




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