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Things to Buy in Stanley Market

Your shopping is probably mostly concentrated around the market, which I think has more 'market atmosphere' though there are shops around the Murray House too.

There are all kinds of shops though they are extremely touristy and are mostly souvenir.

Souvenir ideas

'Antique shops':

  1. Small Chinese bamboo bird cages as home decoration
  2. small wooden frame with Chinese character or Chinese ornament inside
  3. Your English name in Chinese calligraphy (see picture on the left border) - I am embarrassed to find most of the 'calligraphy' are of poor standard.  Find a local but not the shopkeeper to help you to distinguish the good and poor.

Linen shops:

  1. linen Chinese embroidered table cloth, handkerchiefs, small cloth bag
  2. silky embroidered wine bottle bag, mobile phone cover or handbag

Watch and electronics shops:

  1. loads of cheap watches, perfect for young kids.  We are talking about US$3 per watch!
  2. fancy torches
  3. data bank with calendar, calculator and other functions

Clothes shops:

  1. very fancy, sparkly beads dress for ballroom dance
  2. silk garment
  3. XXL garment
  4. cheap t-shirt
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