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Pictures of Stanley Market

There are plenty of things to see in Stanley Market, so take your Camera - bit it a  Sony Cybershot point-and-shoot or the latest Canon or Nikon DSLR - along and get some good touristy shots of the market, and you may find some good photographs also worth taking of the few (very few admittedly) historical buildings and images of the sea and boats as well.

If you are a street photographer and like to take candid images of people going about their daily life then Stanley Market and the surrounding areas offers plenty of opportunities for the shutterbug. 

What you won't find is a lot of locals -- apart from the shopkeepers -- as this is really an area for tourists and expatriates in Hong Kong.  Even in the restaurants and bars you will find more people from the Philippines working than HK people!

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2004-09-25 124 2004-09-25 132 2004-09-25 135 2004-09-25 173 2004-09-25 184
2004-09-25 186 2004-09-25 202 2004-09-25 210


Also see pictures of Blake Pier, and pictures of the Pak Tai Temple.




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